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- Equipment for Sale or Gratis -

It is time to cut back, to make room for the new.

Therefore, I am offering the following equipment for sale. Some is non-functional in some manner. Might only need some TLC, which I either do not have the time or desire to provide. I have tried to be as accurate and compete as possible; if you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact me at the email address given at the bottom of this page. I also sell, from time to time, on eBay as "cweagle538u" (what they gave me when they took real email addresses as user-ids away years ago).

All prices are flexible; I basically don't want to just throw this stuff away, and would like to see it go to a good home. Shipping is extra, and negotiable.

Item 1: Philbrick Researches PR-30 Power Supply (+/- 15V @ 30mA)

This is a tiny little benchtop regulated supply. Just enough power to run a small bipolar analog circuit; handy if you need negative voltage only rarely, or in a dedicated application. Works fine; I've upgraded my bench supply and get my negative voltage there, now. (Somewhat special) detachable line cord included. $10.

SOLD Tektronix D10 Display (removed from a 5110 Mainframe)

Works fine (in its intended application). The tube is slightly 'gassy' and shows this by having the characteristic of the trace intensity dropping slightly when adjusted to (nominal) max. Otherwise, it was working fine when I removed it from the mainframe. I just didn't need another CRT cluttering the place up; I am using another scope as the display for the 5110 now. Oh, and the sheet metal is metallic red. Sorry.

For Reference:

SOLD Tektronix FG5010 (Programmable Function Generator, non-functioning?)

Another item that holds so much promise - for someone else. I was given this plugin and told 'it doesn't work right'. Someone has cut off the GPIB edgecard connector, presumably to make it fit into a TM500 mainframe. Well, worth a try - I plugged it into the High Power Compartment of my TM504 and some panel lights came on - briefly. Then my mainframes' fuse blew. I replaced this fuse, tried again, and - nothing this time. So what you are buying is a DOA unit that has some hope of working, if you have a TM5000 mainframe and some time. Oh, and I'm including the full, original, correct Instruction Manual (it's over an inch think!) full of the schematics with which you may fix it. I expect that GPIB will never again work, unless you make up some sort of crazy adapter. Oh well. S/N B052539. Sticker says "Firmware Ver 4".

SOLD HP 1600A Logic State Analyzers (pair, with pods)

One of these seems to work (at least, it turns on), one seems to not work. I was given these and never ended up using them. Fiendishly complex to set up, I have not been able to tell just how _much_ they work. I believe that each has a full set of pods. They are a little dingy - they've been in various basements for the last 10 years or so. If you are at all interested, I can email you some scanned catalog pages I found a while back. Now, the big news: these are FREE if you pick them up (I'm in Boston, MA, USA), or might even deliver them if you're near my commute. Each is the size of a Tek 453, and weights 30 lbs. I'd rather not ship them unless you pay enough for me to take them to the UPS store and have _them_ pack them.

SOLD HP 3312A Operating Manual (Function Generator)

Why do I even have this? S/N 1432A011246. Copyrighted 1974, printed 1977. Full schematics.

SOLD Tektronix 5A20N Differential Amplifier (for 5000-series mainframes)

Appears to work except for one detail - the "+" input cannot be reliably switched to DC coupling. Likely a dodgy switch - it worked when I got it, and a for a few weeks after that, but when I went to calibrate all my 5000 gear, it failed. Oh well. I have a few other diff amps, so I don't need another "fixer-upper". I'll bet that a little contact cleaner would do the job. S/N B030683.

SOLD Sorenson "Q Nobatron" QRB30-1 (adj. bench power supply) - PICTURE

Works well, recently fixed up line cord (the old ones fray at the entry connector after a while). Has 0-30V floating output, with coarse and fine adjustments. Meter can be switched to display voltage or current. Adjustable current limit up to 1150mA. Solidly built - not so lightweight. Has rear-panel remote sensing, parallel operation, and current limit programming connections. Used to be my main bench supply until I picked up some good TM500 plugins. S/N 1328.

SOLD Beckman "Circuitmate Universal Counter" UC10 - PICTURE

I actually have two of these units - one that works fine and one that is a little flakey - ISTR that it drifts over time. Your basic counter, can measure frequency, period, frequency ratio, totalized pulses, and time interval. Four gate speeds, two inputs, and attenuator. 8-digit LED readout. Good to ~130MHz. I can supply the manual on PDF, I think. The deal - buy the working one, get the flakey one for the cost of additional shipping. Such a deal! This was my bench counter until I got a 7D15.

SOLD Tektronix 7B53A (100MHz Dual Timebase) - PICTURE

Works fine for what I used it for. Have not fully exercised all controls, but triggered on slow signals (I don't have a fast signal gen, so I couldn't test that), positioned trace, etc. Likely completely functional. Be advised that the timebase cam switch is a little sticky; for one or two positions near the middle of it's range you have to switch past the position you want and then 'back up' to the desired one. This does not impact its' usefulness. Late S/N: 233533.

SOLD HP "Harrison" 6384A (~5V Bench Power Supply) - PICTURE

I have no idea why this says Harrison. This is nameplate rated at 4-5.5V, 0-8A. It will actually do a little better than those specs, all around. Front panel controls for voltage, meter can be switched to display current or voltage. Ex-rackmount gear (half-wide); the outputs were on the rear, and I put some banana jacks in the remaining rack ears. Works fine, looks a little odd. The line switch sometimes doesn't come on on the frst try - another cycle always does the trick. It likely just needs cleaning or maybe replacing. Heavy unit, built to the usual (1970's) HP quality.

SOLD Tektronix WR501 (ex-part of a LA501W set) - PICTURE

This is from the (second, this time working) LA501W setup I bought. I seem to recall that this unit powers up and could trigger the LA501 part of the pair. I disconected it and have no need of it. Good source of early logic, high-quality switches, and other hardware, if nothing else. Hmm, maybe I should keep it. Maybe not. This is a very early unit - if my understanding of Tek serials is correct, it was only the 46th one sold. S/N B010246.

SOLD Guts of a Tektronix 453 Scope (late 1960's dual-channel 50MHz solid-state unit)

Actually came from a non-working R453 (the rackmount version). The case has been sold. The scope is basically all there, minus the DC supply board (missing when I got it). Available as a whole unit, or for parting out. CRT and rear casting have been removed, but are also available. Late model, with FET front end.

SOLD Tektronix 5A15N (for 5000-series mainframes)

Worked basically OK when I last plugged it in. Has been sitting for a while, don't know now. The front-panel lights are out, though - I remember that much. Mod 817G (which also connects the input directly to a spare rear edgecard contact). S/N B053003.

SOLD Guts of a Tektronix 5A15N (for 5000-series mainframes)

Sort of worked when I got it; the trace disappeared at lower volts/div settings. This is a basic amp that I basically didn't feel was worth saving. Stripped the case off for custom plugins. Some front-panel hardware may be missing - if there is something you specifically need/want, email me and I'll check. Mod 817G (which also connects the input directly to a spare rear edgecard contact). S/N B058497.

SOLD Tektronix FG503 Function Generator (that doesn't generate functions right now!)

Stubbornly refuses to oscillate! Varying the amplitude and frequency makes the output (DC) level change as expected. One dual-FET had seen previous rework, so I suspected it. I obtained a few spares (included) and socketed and replaced it; no change. All power supplies OK, I just have gotten tired of exploring the feedback loop. S/N B023465.

SOLD Guts of a Tektronix DM502A (minus power transformer)

Powered up when I got it (when it still had the transformer!) but displayed very wrong numbers, changing and non-calibrateable (I assumed at the time). I removed the transformer to fix up another DM502A that had been dropped, and used the case for a homebrew function generator. A late model, S/N now unknown. It had the late-style case with quarter-turn side latches.

SOLD Tektronix LA501W (comprised of an LA501 and a WR501, with interconnecting cables) - PICTURE

I received this unit and immediately split it up, having no use for the WR501. Does not power up (at least the LA501; didn't check the WR501). Checked fuses, all seemed OK. Currently still apart; can reconnect or will sell separately. S/N's B020407 (WR) and B021224 (LA).

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