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This page is a little part of the much larger Tektronix 5000-Series Page. You might like that, too.

OK, I'll be brief here:

1. It's black - I understand that this is an OEM thing - who bought these this color, and for what? You can't see it in front-panel pic, but the word "Tektronix" is printed (in the standard lettering) just below the pull-tab.

2. Why does almost everything I buy have this "NPP" sticker on it?

3. The additional "IDENTIFICATION NO" sticker - it has the option number on it instead of on the SN sticker, as is usual (I thought). Is this another OEM thing?

A nice person who read this page sent me a PDF he scanned in from microfiche, detailing Mod 818H. The Opt 83 is still a mystery - is it the color?

In unrelated events, that is a 5A24N in the bottom pic... anyone built anything fun into one? How about the app notes for it?

6. Thanks, and have a nice day!

Last updated October 10, 2005
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