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This site is a growing thing, much like the technology and engineering behind it. Welcome.

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NEW: P6046 Diff Probe Calibration Accessories Musings (are they really necessary?)

NEW: R116 Programmable Pulse Generator - rarely found in captivity

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TM500 Module Guide (a work in progress)

5000 Scope Guide (a work in progress)

Really Fast Pulse Generator Experiments (initial waveforms)

2232 Scope Easter Egg: Screenshots (large images ahead!)

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Used Test & Measurement Equipment For Sale

Which value? EIA Resistor Value Reference Table

I love it when a good plan comes together: the "Quickie" pre-regulator power supply

A SIMMStick project: the i9t300 Vcc indicator

Some early nanoSTACK cards: NS105 - 15V Boost Switcher, NS320 - RS232 Adapter

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